A brand new Journey….

On Sunday; Feb. 24, 2013 I’ll be  having my “Baptism” at Baylife Church . It will be around 10 am EST give or take a few either way (before or after that time).  Imagebut I’ve been informed that if I have “Friends & family” who would like to attend or even care to attend from far away; that they can do so bye visiting their website @ http://www.Baylife.org; 4 me personally this is a special moment in my life, & I would be greatly appreciative as well as honored of those who would care 2 attend :), & furthermore plz. adhere to the timezone differentials as well

                         Very truly your’s,

                                                Jimmie Coy Sheppard Jr 🙂

Image          <—TRUE STORY 😉

January 31st @5:07 EST.

A little boy took his pet iguana

to school to show the other kids.

If you’ve ever seen an iguana, you

know it has a large flap of skin,

called the “dewlap”, that hangs down

from the neck. The kids asked what

it was, and when the boy explained,

a little girl said, “Oh! My grandma

has one of those.”

Only GOD could/can do this…

What could be better than knowing we’re “leaning on the everlasting arms” of Jesus? What could be more encouraging than remembering that we’re loved bye the almighty One who created us–and died for us! What could be more rewarding than the knowledge that the Carpenter from Nazareth has built mansions for us in heaven?